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#51 2023-02-17 17:50:14

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Re: What is your deepest sexual fantasy?

maybe my man (if i get one) taking a video of me modeling in huge heels, tiny slut out fit and sucking his package and sending it to my ex.


#52 2023-03-15 23:56:08

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Re: What is your deepest sexual fantasy?

I would love to get gangbanged by a group of sexy sissies, feeding me their cocks and pounding me with their cocks also.


#53 2023-05-12 03:37:13

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Re: What is your deepest sexual fantasy?

My deepest sexual fantasy came true last weekend. Oh my god, I'm a happy and satisfied person! I have a foot fetish and have dreamed of participating in a Lesbian foot worship orgy. A couple of months my friend introduced me to a girl (she has the same kind of fetish). She invited me to a private sex party. There were several rooms, and every room had a theme - BDSM, gay, lesbian, shibari, masturbation room. Anyway, there were a lot of options to have fun and try different practices. I decided to take part in a lesbian orgy where there was a Mistress, and she commanded her slaves to please her and each other. I've probably never experienced such a vivid orgasm in my life. I want to try more practices, so I'll be attending more of these events.

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#54 2023-05-17 15:34:04

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Re: What is your deepest sexual fantasy?

hmmmmmm  I have so many fantasies but the one that I desire most is this.

I am looking to get a massage and find this ad online so i call and make an appointment.
I show up at the prescribed time and knock on the door.
A beautiful woman opens the door and escorts me to a massage room, she tells me to disrobe and lay face down on the table and my masseuse will be along shortly.
So I get naked and lay on the table.  I notice that the room has very feminine undertones. 
As I lay there I start to relax and just let my mind go and think of nothing but the massage.
The door opens and a woman walks in and asks me what kind of massage I would like, deep tissue, or a relaxing massage.
I ask for something relaxing and she says OK and proceeds to glide her hands over my naked back.
She starts at my shoulders and immediately feel relaxed.  Her hands are amazing.
Slowly she works her way down my back and I am loving every minute of it.
she then moves to my legs and feet. After a while I feel her moving up the inside of my thighs.  Instinctively I spread my legs a little further.
She runs her hands over the cheeks of my ass, then I feel her drip some warm oil between the cheeks of my ass.  I can't help but moan.
She asks if I like what she is doing and all I can do is say yessss.  Her hands are doing wondrous things and I feel her run her fingers up the crack of my ass.
Damm I am loving this, as she is caressing my ass and slowly running a finger over my hole.  So fucking hot.
She asks if I am comfortable and would I like more. All I can do is lift my ass up and moan.  She starts to rub her finger up and down and I feel her pressing her finger into me.
She is slowly moving her finger into me, and I am loving it.  She slips her other hand under me and caress my cock.  I am so hard and love what she is doing.
She is slowly fucking me with her finger, reaching my prostate.  I have never had an orgasm this way but I can feel it building up.
My cock is oozing and she is rubbing it all over.  She then asks if I would like to roll over, of course and I settle on my back.
This is the first time I get a good look at my masseuse.  She is so sexy and she is wearing a silky robe, I love it.
I have a fetish of silks and satin and have jerked off many times with the help of satin panties.
So as I am devouring her with my eyes, she is rubbing my chest and looking into my eyes.
She is working her way down and I can hardly control myself as she reaches for my cock.  She is caressing me ad teasing me at the same time.
She opens her robe and takes part of it and starts to rub it all over me.  I can see her nakedness and her silk panties.  But as I look at her panties I see a telltale bulge.
I am loving the feel of the robe and I reach out to feel her panties.  She moves to make it easy for me to caress her.  As I caress her panties I can feel her getting hard.
Fuck this is making me crazy.  I want more.  I slide her panties to the side and take her hard clit out.  I am loving it.  She moves closer to the head of the table and I roll to the side
to enable me to see and feel her hardness.  She asks if I want to suck her, all I can do is open my mouth and move closer to suck on her.
At this time she is rubbing my ass and slowly fucking my ass again with her finger.  Damm this feels so good, and I am loving the taste f her clit as I suck her deep into my mouth.
She tells me she is about to cum and do I want her to pull out,  all I can do is pull her closer and start to suck harder.  I feel her cock start to spasm and I suck and swallow all
of her cum.  It is so hot.  As she starts to soften she moves down to pay more attention to my cock.  She takes me in her mouth and is sucking me like no tomorrow.
Her finger is fucking me and she is sucking me at the same time.  It didn't take long for me to explode, I loved it as she licked me clean.
After this I lay back and she is slowly caressing me getting me to relax.  After a bit she tells me to washy off and get dressed and she will bring me some water.
As I am getting dressed she walks back in and she is still wearing her robe.  I can't help but take her in my arms and pull her close.  I love how she feels and I have to reach in and caress her clit again.  She asks if I enjoyed myself and of course I said yes and can't wait to do it again.  She tells me to call and let her know when I am coming back and she might have a surprise for me.  So as I am leaving she walks me to the door and the woman that greeted me in the beginning comes out to say good bye.  She comes up next to my friend and puts her arm around her and reaches in to caress her clit.  She looks at me and winks knowing it would give me something to think about.  I can't wait to go back again and see what would happen.


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